"Shoot two people in love, with proper light, being themselves,

enjoying the moment and guaranteed you'll get images that will last a lifetimeā€

Waxie and Kate

Jonas and Sam

John and Sweet

Mark and Gelli

Babes and Vanesa

Louis and Isha

Mikko and Claudette

Miggy and Aya

Francis and Kaye

Edwin and Hershee

Gilbert and Vicky

Chris and Angel

Harris and Pam

Mikee and Gen

Roman and Nicole

Neil and Joie

Jong and Clarence

Ryan and Sachiko

Bo and Hanna

Luis and Hiba

Mike and Chris

Joseph and Karen

Once and Olive

Gello and Lyrio

Chris and Anna

Bryan and Kaye

AR and Krys

Francis and Jules

Bah and Kat

Bryan and Monique

Bryan and Tin

Lois and Den

Hermi and Lian

Erwin and Apple


Jeng and Diana

AJ and Joy

Jon and Ame

Sani and Jacky

Alexis and Abi

Dem and Nikka

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