Sani and Jacky Ismail

"Jiggie Alejandrino is a photographer and friend extraordinaire. You can find an excellent photographer and a good friend but rarely both in the same package. When Jiggie photographs, he combines the best equipment on the market , technical skills of a professional experienced photographer, understanding of lighting angles, dedication and ultimately perfection. Jiggie not only snaps your pictures and the background, but also the soul and emotion that you are feeling at that very time. So much so, that when you look at the pictures again much later, you will vividly remember the emotions that you were going through at that very moment. That's not just skill, that's not just experience, that's rare talent that you won't get from others. Normally one can get tired after several shots of the same pose but not with Jiggie behind the camera. He talks you through the process so that you know exactly what he is doing and the picture he's trying to get. He won't stop till he gets the very best shot possible and when Jiggie says "wow", you can be damn sure it's a wow picture! If you are so lucky enough to get Jiggie as your photographer, it will be a journey of photography and friendship, the outcomes are amazing pictures and a fantastic time. Till today, almost 2 years after our wedding, we are good friends, look forward to catch up and are planning on more photography trips together." Sani and Jacky

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