"A Engagement Session or Prenup is merely a practice session... a chance for the couple to get accustomed to having a camera in their face. An opportunity for the photographer and the client to get to know each other. It is not about what you will be wearing or where it will be. It is a celebration of Love. Who you are will be more important to show in the photos and not pretend to be a couple you are not... But then again, it is also a chance to create something epic without having the pressure of schedule on your shoulders"

John and Sweet

William and Zindy

Chris and Angel

Ken and Ces

Bo and Hanna

Marvin and Joan

Bryan and Tin

Juan and Shirley

Bryan and Kaye

Babes and Vanesa

Aj and Joy

Justin and Celine

Mikko and Claudette

Ago and Cathy

Arnel and Sarah

Bah and Kat

Bryan and Monique

Erwin and Apple

Jun and Grace

Miggy and Aya

Nestor and Malou

JB and Eva

Gian and Jaymee

Mark and Brenda

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