Pj and Grace - Jiggie Alejandrino

James Paul Young and Grace Velasco 

"Jiggie- there's so many good things we can tell with that name. Let us start by saying that he's the best decision we made among all our wedding suppliers. Thanks to my husband who firmly believed in his skills while I was initially in doubt. He just didn't meet our expectations. He went beyond it! He is indeed a gifted photographer. A man with vast expertise, unlimited concepts and overflowing creative ideas you'll love to work with. He is passionate about his craft. He has mastered it so well that the "light" becomes his weapon and his mind is the armor. His skills with light is impressive! Among all, he just doesn't capture the picture. He captures the emotion. He lets the picture speak for itself. We were blown with the outputs. It's amazing how much intimacy and love is portrayed in his shots. We were comfortable in front of his lens. It was a breeze working with him. Now, he's not just our wedding photographer. He has become our friend. Thanks for giving life to our pictures Jiggie! Kudos."  - Grace Velasco Young

Manila Hotel | San Agustin Church | Manila Hotel

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