who is jiggie - Jiggie Alejandrino

About Jiggie

Jiggie, is part of the international Phottix Pro Team chosen for his mastery of light. He belongs to a new breed of photographers who extensively use portable flash units for their lighting projects. Jiggie is also one of the most reputable speedlight specialists in the Philippines, conducting workshops nationwide and is featured in various photography magazines. Jiggie is also the Managing Partner and Director of Photography of Team On Site Studio (Team OSS),  the group that created a new niche in wedding photography, the popular On Site Studio Wedding Service. 

His Style

The style of photography that Jiggie refers to as "Real People. Real Images." is geared towards the creation of authentic, clean, and classic photographs. He believes that the focus should be primarily on the authenticity of the emotions, the authenticity of the moment, the authenticity of the image. He has developed the ability to create situations that allow his subjects to let go of their inhibitions thus allowing him to capture their true essence. Making his photographs the most graphic repositories of memories, capturing them as real as the moment they were lived.


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